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Introducing the Achievements and Targets of Go Super 11

Ready for Mobile, tablets and desktops, at all resolutions and Go Super 11 is providing the winning payment on time.

Enhancement in features and techonlogies, and we’re still able to add cool new stuff!

What's New

Here’s a short list of our newest items and updates, including Page speed, Skrollr, Morphtext, and Video.

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Startup Summary

Here’s a short journey of our fantasy sports.

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Company Establishment

The company was established August 2018, creating a base for cricket fans, where they can show up there cricket knowledge by playing the fantasy cricket. The founder himself is a great fan of cricket and was earning his basic by playing such kind of fantasy games.

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Our Strategy

Before launching this app the most typical task was the promotion but we did, as the fan base of cricket in India is so huge that there was not so much of effort and time required for promotion and advertisement purpose . As this is the starting now but we know that the fans and the audience will enjoy the fantasy game . So, let’s take the fantasy game of cricket at next level.

Mobile Design

Not just ready for mobile, but designed for mobile phones and tablets.

Go Super 11 is fully responsive, ready for mobile phones, tablets and desktops(coming soon) of any resolution.


Go Super 11 is fully responsive and will scale itself to any mobile or tablet device.


Go Super 11 will respond and adapt to various devices and screen resolutions.

Fantasy Teams

College dropout dudes with creative business minds.

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Deepak Kumar, Founder

Lets play the game of instances and assumption to make the destiny bright.

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The game begins with the plan, & plan without team is not successful.

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Shubham Sharma, COO

An enthusiastic and innovative professional with extensive experience in fantasy sports.

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